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Burn Permits


(These are listed from the local level first. Note that the District may impose a ban without the County on a ban, and so forth.)

Sable Altura Fire Protection District District-Only No Ban
Adams County Adams County Only No Ban
Arapahoe County Arapahoe County Only No Ban
State of Colorado Statewide No Ban

Open Burning is not permitted within the District without a permit. If you have a need to perform an Open Burn of any kind in the Sable Altura Fire Protection District, we ask that you contact us at least two weeks prior to the date you would like to burn. Without a permit, any burn is illegal and may be cause for citation by the County. Further without a special need, Open Burning is only allowed in Colorado between the months of March and October.

Burn Permits within the District are $15.00. Checks should be made out to the "Sable Altura Fire Protection District", and the fee must be paid at the time the permit is delivered.

When you contact us, we will schedule a time to come out and visit with you and perform a basic inspection of the area. We will go over the requirements with you at this time. At that point we will determine what it is that you're requesting to to burn, how much will be burned, and how long that might take. We will also assess environmental impact, safety issues, code issues, etc. After this meeting, we'll agree on the terms and Sable Altura will process two permits on your behalf. One is a Clean Air Open Burn Permit with the Colorado department of Public Health and Environment. The other will be the Burn Permit from us. You will need to have both in your possession during your burning activity.

Specially trained personnel consistently evaluate fire conditions throughout our District. While an area may visually seem safe to burn in, there may be unseen factors present that could initiate a dangerous situation.

Contacting your local Fire Bureau to assist in your planning ensures that your site and preparations are reviewed for safety, and that you have obtained a burn permit to ensure that your burn is a legal one. This also makes your job easier in that you have enlisted the aid of someone who is well versed in the current state, county, and local ordinances. Many of these ordinances can change at a moments notice, and it's our responsibility to remain alert to these changes for our citizenry.

See the Burn Permit Application (which includes the Rules and Regulations) below or contact our Administrative Offices at 303-364-7187.

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