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Request A Report

Basic Incident Reports are public information and may be requested by anyone. However a Patient Care Report contains information that is legally protected by HIPAA that is called PHI (Protected Health Information). We are required by law to maintain the privacy of this information.

To request a publicly available Incident or Fire Report:
A request must be received in writing either by letter or electronic mail. Your request must include your name email address, phone number, address, and details of the incidents such as the date and time, address and any details of the incident. We further request you identify any affiliation with the incident (property owner, insurance, etc). Please email your request to, or by postal mail to:
Sable Altura Fire Rescue
ATTN: Administration
26900 E. Colfax Ave. #52
Aurora, CO 80018

To request a Patient Care Report:
Patient Care Reports are PHI, and are not publicly available records. Access to this information is permitted only for the patient or their legally designated representatives. For information about how SAFD uses PHI, and how a patient may access, alter, amend, or control the use of their PHI, please see the document below concerning our NPP (Notice of Privacy Practices). PLEASE DO NOT FAX UNANNOUNCED REQUESTS. I fyou would like to fax a PHI request to us, please call prior to doing so. To speak with someone regarding access to patient records, please call 303-364-7187 and choose option "5". Alternatively, you can send requests or inquiries by postal mail to:

Sable Altura Fire Rescue
ATTN - Privacy Officer
26900 E. Colfax, Space 52
Aurora, CO 80018

The documents attached to this page include our Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP), as well as others to assist you in accessing your PHI with our agency.