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Application process and timeline

* Applications for the 2017-1 Academy are now Closed, and the Academy has begun. *

Applications for the EMS division are generally accepted February-October.

For questions or general information, please email

The application is available online only from the link below. You may email, drop off, or mail your application. Please do not call for the status of your application. You will be contacted if you will be invited to the next phase.

The application process includes:

  • Application Review
  • Invitation To Oral Boards
  • Oral Boards
  • Invitation to Physical Agility
  • Written Exam
  • Physical Agility Test
  • EMS Skills Assessment (EMS Division Applicants)
  • Offer of Probationary Status and invitation to SAFD Academy or SAFD EMS Division (EMS Division applicants)

The Application Guide (download link below) is a valuable tool to download and reference throughout the process. It will provide you more detailed information on exactly what needs to be filled out in the application, expectations of the applicant, and an explanation of each phase in the process.
We require that all applicants submit with their application:

  • Current copy of a Motor Vehicle Record
  • Letter from a physician stating that you are in good health
  • Proof of immunization for Hepatitis B (or at least the first shot)
  • Any other vaccination records (MMR, TDAP, etc.)
  • Background Release Authorization

Physical Agility Test

A Physical Agility Test is an physical course designed to gauge your body's ability to withstand the rigors of the duties that may be required in the fire service.

In effect, the SAFD Physical Agility Test is a rigorous physical exercise that simulates many activities of the fireground. It is a timed exercise, although speed is not the primary concern. Your commitment, and resolve will be one of the main focuses.

You should come prepared to engage in an intense physical activity. It is highly suggested that you stretch out prior to participation.

Appropriate attire in the form of shorts, t-shirt, and sneaker-type shoes are recommended. We also recommend bringing something to drink.


We do accept personnel as a "lateral applicant" on a case-by-case basis. Lateral applications are generally accepted with five (5) years of direct previous experience, and current certifications; your credentials and experience will determine the scope of required agency-specific training. Generally this would mean an abbreviated Academy. These are fairly unlikely circumstances, as we feel strongly that the Academy is a place where not only education in the fire service occurs, but trust, a sense of family, and life-long relationships are formed amongst the recruits. Contact our office for more information on whether you might qualify for lateral status.

We thank you for your interest and truly look forward to seeing you.