Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention

From holidays, to vacations, to daily activities, fire prevention is a responsibility for all of us!

It’s our duty to remind you, to help educate you, and to partner with you in best practices!

The Great Chicago Fire (1871)

It wasn't likely Mrs. O' Leary's cow that started this fire, but it did start, and after it started on October 8th, 1871 it burned until the 10th, and left little in its path! With over 100,000 people homeless, over 250 people killed, and miles of the city of Chicago destroyed, it was one of the most devastating fires in US history, and one that prompted our country to begin to look at ways to prevent such disasters from re-occurring. We commemorate this event each year with Fire Prevention week. It's during this week that we try to remember to be just a bit safer in our daily lives, and remember that fire destroys lives, homes, and property with no regard for the everlasting damage it causes. Little things can start a deadly barrage of flame, and whether its a legend of a cow and a lantern, or an overheated lithium ION battery in a cell phone, fire prevention is always taking a moment to consider the safest practice to avoid a horrible consequence.

There's a ton of information and topics available!

One of our favorites resources is:
This site has information for adults and kids and the National Fire Protection Association is as much about public education, as it is about creating fire code and safety standards, and professional qualifications for firefighters!

Here’s a great document that can also get you started. It’s actually several documents covering cooking safety, lithium ION battery safety, and more!


How to use a Fire Extinguisher - OSHA 2023

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