Academy Life

The fire academy is a required rite of passage for all potential firefighters. It is here that our Recruits are taught the basic skills and knowledge of the craft, and it is here that they come to know the dangers, physical and mental demands, and rewards of the fire service.
Our academy is typically held on an annual basis beginning in the winter/spring months and ending in early summer.
Recruits attend academy two evenings per week and all day on Saturdays. During this time, recruits are generally not allowed to participate in any emergency responses and are not blended with our sworn personnel. Their sole focus is on mastering the skills taught in fire academy. Recruits successfully completing the academy may be sworn in as Probationary Firefighters and begin their Reserve service to the Sable Altura Fire Protection District at their graduation ceremony.
While academy is a grueling experience, our recruits gain invaluable skills, a sense of accomplishment, and often lifelong friendships. Earning your place among our ranks won’t be easy but it will be worth it!
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2023 EMTC Academy Video

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